District Profiles

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has 120 counties that are broken into 15 different Area Development Districts (ADDs). ADDs consist of anywhere from 5 to 17 counties in a contiguous geographic region. The mission of the ADDs is to bring local civic and governmental leaders together to accomplish major objectives and take advantage of opportunities which cannot be achieved or realized by those governments acting alone.

The purpose of the below documents is to summarize relevant social determinants of health, behavioral risk factors and cancer incidence and mortality at the ADD level to facilitate coordination in the realm of cancer prevention and control planning. The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) — jointly administered by the University of Kentucky (KCP East) and University of Louisville (KCP West) — leads the way in such cancer control efforts for each ADD.

2021 Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment, District Profiles

Suggested citation: 2021 Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment: The Story of Cancer in Kentucky. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky, Markey Cancer Center; 2022.